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Default Config Files

In case you have made a mistake when editing your config files, we have provided the default files here. 


#Created by BGHDDevelopment
#Support: https://bghddevelopment.com/discord
#Plugin Page: http://www.mc-market.org/resources/5249

NoMSG: "&cUse: /msg (player) (msg)"
NoPlayer: "&cCould not find that player!"
NoReply: "&cYou have not messaged anyone recently!"
NoReplyMessage: "&cUse: /r (msg)"
NoPermMessage: "&c(!) You don't have permission!"
SendMessage1: "&7[&e%player1% &7-> &aMe&7]&c(%server%) &7>> &f%message1%"
SendMessage2: "&7[&aMe&7 -> &e%player2%&7]&c(%server%) &7>> &f%message2%"