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Commands & Permissions

/editkits - opens GUI to edit kits [fate.editkits]

/forcestart - force starts the game [fate.forcestart]

/announce - announces the game to bungeecord (if enabled) [fate.announce]

/freeze - freeze/unfreeze a player [fate.freeze]

/goldenhead - get a golden head [fate.goldenhead]

/refreshleaderboards - refresh the leaderboards [fate.rl]

/reloadfiles - reloads the files [fate.loadfiles]

/settings - opens settings GUI [fate.settings]

/elo - check elo of you and other players [None]

/stats - check stats of you and other players [None]

/joinlobby - joins the lobby if enabled [None]

/scenarios - see the enabled scenarios [None]

*/scenarios admin - change the enabled scenarios [fate.scenarios.admin]

/vote - open the vote GUI [None]

/setlobby - Sets the lobby spawn [fate.setlobby]