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3.35 - Changelog


If you are standing on the block the border will be teleporting to you will now be teleported in 1 block to avoid getting stuck

Removed XP bar on autostart to fix the issue with XP not resetting on cancelation of autostart

Added /thanks (can be used by any player during the scattering phase) [REQUESTED]


You will now spawn 0.5 blocks above the ground when in practice to stop glitches in the floor

Added /staffteleport [uhc.staffteleport]

(This command allows staff to teleport even if they are not spectating) [REQUESTED]

Added placeholders to wiki:



Needed Config Changes


This will automatically update for this update!


Default config files can be found here: https://wiki.bghddevelopment.com/books/fateuhc/page/default-config-files