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3.56 - Changelog


Fixed an issue with the /uhc start command sending a "no permission" message even if you had the permission. (FIX)

Changed a lot of settings relating to mob spawning. (NEW)

These mob changes are BETA. Please report any issues you have with them ASAP in discord.

If you are having low spawn rates please read this new wiki article

Fixed an issue with the bossbar border countdown not showing seconds. (FIX)

Fixed an issue with actionbar border countdown not showing seconds. (FIX)


Added /points <give/remove> <player> <amount> [uhc.points.manage] (NEW, REQUESTED)





Fixed some spelling errors (FIX)

Added /fateuhc (NEW)

Changed /respawn <player> to /respawn <player> <reason> (NEW, REQUESTED)

Users with [uhc.respawn.see] will see a message with the respawn reason.


(These colors have been slightly changed since this screenshot was taken)

Other small fixes were included in this update.

All permissions and commands can be found here: https://wiki.bghddevelopment.com/books/fateuhc/page/commands-permissions

While there are no needed config updates this time, please make sure your configs have all the required strings. Click the link below to view the default configs.

Default config files can be found here: https://wiki.bghddevelopment.com/books/fateuhc/page/default-config-files