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3.63 - Changelog


Added NO_ACTIVE_SCENARIOS message to language.yml (NEW)

Added PARTYALREADYINVITED message to language.yml (NEW)

Added PARTYALREADYINPARTY message to language.yml (NEW)

Added PARTYSETTINGSERROR to language.yml (NEW)

Added NOTINPARTY to language.yml (NEW)

Fixed NOSCENARIO message not being translated from language.yml (FIX)

Fixed some errors (FIX)

Fixed error with clicking in the lobby when not running moles and being the host (FIX)


All permissions and commands can be found here: https://wiki.bghddevelopment.com/books/fateuhc/page/commands-permissions

Config Changes


Default config files can be found here: https://wiki.bghddevelopment.com/books/fateuhc/page/default-config-files