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3.67 - Changelog


ALL MESSAGES IN THE LANGUAGE.YML and some other files now support PlaceholderAPI placeholders. 

Fixed issue with nether border TP (FIXED)

Fixed an issue with placeholderAPI not allowing placeholders in a few messages from 3.66 update. (FIX)

/uhc stoploading - now requires perm uhc.stoploading (NEW)

Fixed an issue with commands still running in /uhc if you did not have the sub permission (FIX)

Added CONFIG_CANT_EDIT message to the language.yml (NEW)

Added CONFIG_CANT_EDIT_INGAME message to the language.yml (NEW)

Added CONFIG_ENTER_AMOUNT message to the language.yml (NEW)

Removed some unused code (FIX)

Fixed some other reported issues. (FIX)

Updated command and permission list. (REQUESTED)

In the next update (3.68) I will be working to make all messages editable. Stay Tuned!


All permissions and commands can be found here: https://wiki.bghddevelopment.com/books/fateuhc/page/commands-permissions

Config Changes

language.yml (Auto Generated)


Default config files can be found here: https://wiki.bghddevelopment.com/books/fateuhc/chapter/default-config-files