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3.74 [Scenario Update] - Changelog

While this update has been tested, the large amounts of new scenarios and content may cause some unknown bugs. Please report any you find on discord. Thank you!

Overall Changes

Fixed some messages having placeholders messed up (FIX)

Holograms will now not spawn if the UHC world has not been generated. This is to fix the issue with hologramAPI spamming errors and it also prevents some Mongo errors caused by them not spawning. (FIX)

Moved command toggles to a new file called toggles.yml (NEW)

Fixed an issue with 1.7 spigots erroring on 1.8 items (FIX)

New GameConfig option! Weather and Time has been added and can be toggled in /config admin (NEW, REQUESTED)

Server IP and Port removed from the /config admin menu (REQUESTED) 

Fixed the cosmetics working without the needed permission (FIX)

You can now enable/disable the cosmetics command (NEW, REQUESTED)

AntiBurn has been moved from the uhcconfiguration.yml to the /config admin menu (NEW, REQUESTED)

New installs will have show config and scenario info in chat set to false (NEW, REQUESTED)

Fixed an issue where you could not latescatter a player who was spectating or a staff member (FIX)

Absorption Less added as a config option (NEW, REQUESTED)

Fixed an issue when messages included % (FIX)

Added checks to prevent conflicting scenarios to be active at the same time (NEW)

Fixed an error with the moles message (FIX)

You can now choose your border color (NEW, REQUESTED)

Added a check so if the border color is invalid it will revert to default (NEW)

/alerts choices are now saved using Mongo (NEW, REQUESTED)

Fireless is fixed in the nether (FIX)

LimitedP4 messages added to language,yml (NEW)

Removed the ability to rename the golden head due to a bug with the rename causing them to not work correctly (FIX)

I will look into another option to make it re-nameable but it was requested I just make this a temp fix for now

Fixed some startup messages overlapping (FIX)

Fixed a timer error on startup that broke nothing just was annoying (FIX)

Made the scoreboard a little better when more than 6 scenarios are running (NEW, REQUESTED)


Lucky Roulette messages added to language.yml (NEW) 

Added /scnearios off, which toggles off all scenarios (NEW, REQUESTED)

Auto Tweet system added (NEW, REQUESTED)

Removed unused pastebin API debug system (REMOVED)

Added Mob Rate Multiplier (NEW, REQUESTED)

Added timebomb holos to config (NEW, REQUESTED)

Fixed the hard to read title on the regenerate map menu (FIX)

EXP menu added to /config admin (NEW)

Safe loot now has a hologram which works with TimeBomb (NEW, REQUESTED)


NEW SCOREBOARD PLACEHOLDER: {spectators} - Can be used on the scoreboard to show the number of specs

UBL is now configured via /config admin (NEW, REQUESTED)

UBL setting is now saved to the database and can be saved to game configs (NEW, REQUESTED)




New Scenarios



Do Not Disturb

Love at First Sight

Vein Miner

Random Scenarios (Chooses random scenarios to enable)

Wood Life

Corona Virus

Limited P4

Nine Slot


Every Rose

Lights Out




CBeta Zombies

Book Ception

Bald Chicken


Puppy Power

Bleeding Sweets

No Diamond Armor

Carrot Combo


Cats Eyes


Lucky Roulette 

Red VS Blue (you may configure team size in /config admin)


Hastey Boys Lite


All permissions and commands can be found here: https://wiki.bghddevelopment.com/books/fateuhc/page/commands-permissions

Config Changes

tweetconfig.yml (RESET THIS)

toggles.yml (auto-gen)

debug.yml (REMOVED)

language.yml (auto-gen)

randomizer.yml (auto-gen, new)

guiitems.yml (add this under the UHCSETTINGS section)

  EXPNAME: '&6&lEXP Menu'
    - ''
    - '&eClick this to view the'
    - '&eEXP GUI.'
    - ''

uhcconfiguration.yml (replace this)

  START: 2000
  SHRINK-STREAM: '5000;4500;4000;3500;3000;2500;2000;1500;1000;500;200;150;100;50;25'
    - '&7&m--------------------------------------'
    - '&a&lBorder shrink has started'
    - '&eThe world border will shrink every &a{shrinkEvery} &eminutes,'
    - '&euntil &a{until}x{until} blocks&e.'
    - '&eNext border will shrink to &a{nextBorder} blocks&e.'
    - '&7&m--------------------------------------'


  START: 2000
  COLOR-ID: 14
  SHRINK-STREAM: '5000;4500;4000;3500;3000;2500;2000;1500;1000;500;200;150;100;50;25'
    - '&7&m--------------------------------------'
    - '&a&lBorder shrink has started'
    - '&eThe world border will shrink every &a{shrinkEvery} &eminutes,'
    - '&euntil &a{until}x{until} blocks&e.'
    - '&eNext border will shrink to &a{nextBorder} blocks&e.'
    - '&7&m--------------------------------------'

also, add this to uhcconfiguration.yml (feel free to change the amount)

#This by default will spawn 3 more where 1 normally would spawn set to 0 to disable.
  DEFAULT: '&a{player}''s &fCorpse &7[&a31s&7]'
  NORMAL: '&a{player}''s &fCorpse &7[&a{time}s&7]'
  15SEC: '&a{player}''s &fCorpse &7[&e{time}s&7]'
  3SEC: '&a{player}''s &fCorpse &7[&6{time}s&7]'
  2SEC: '&a{player}''s &fCorpse &7[&c{time}s&7]'
  1SEC: '&a{player}''s &fCorpse &7[&4{time}s&7]'
  DEFAULT: '&eLocked for: &6{player}'


Default config files can be found here: https://wiki.bghddevelopment.com/books/fateuhc/chapter/default-config-files