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[Major Update] 3.73 - Changelog


This update has been tested but there may be issues just due to the large number of changes made. Please report any issues which occur when you are playing on discord. I would highly suggest a full regen of all configs to ensure everything is configured correctly, though if you feel like you want to add the stuff manually it's listed at the bottom of this changelog.

Major Discord Changes!

We have removed webhooks and replaced it with a brand new Discord Bot!

View the wiki on how to invite and set up the bot here:


Overall Changes

/nightvision (/nv) added - [uhc.nightvision] (REQUESTED) (NEW)

Night vision messages added to language.yml

You can now disable report/helpop commands in the uhcconfiguration.yml (NEW) (REQUESTED)

New Placeholder

%FateUHC_playerkills% - Returns current player kills for the player.

We have hooked into Litebans to detect when a player is muted. If they are muted their chat messages will not be sent and will not return the "event canceled by litebans" message (NEW) (REQUESTED)

Hooked into the Reddit UBL Ban List (NEW, REQUESTED)

You can do /ubl to check if it's enabled/disabled in the uhcconfiguration.yml (NEW)

Added /ubl messages to language.yml (NEW)

GoneFishing rod now has Lure (REQUESTED, NEW)

Fixed issue with double health not being applied on late scatter (FIX)

(NEW) If there is more then 5 scenarios the scoreboard will change from




If you have the permission uhc.combatlogger.despawn you will get a message when a combat logger appears, you can then click to despawn it. You can also run /despawnlogger <player> (NEW, REQUESTED)

Fixed health command messages (FIX)

Clicking on the mining alerts will now use /teleport. Make sure the staff have permission: uhc.staffteleport (NEW)

Fixed some team damage issues (FIX)

/fateuhc was redesigned to look better (NEW)

Fixed issue where reboot timer would not use config values if game was teams (FIX)

/cosmetics can now only be used in the lobby (NEW, REQUESTED)

Fixed an issue with anti-ice melt in the lobby (FIX)

Fixed issue where when a host/spec was removed they could not be hit by arrows or rods/pick up items (FIX)

Recoded cosmetics system! (HIGHLY REQUESTED)

Each cosmetic can be changed or delete/added in the cosmetics.yml


Each cosmetic now has permissions + changeable point value.


Players with uhc.inv.bypass can now drop, move, delete items from there inventory. (NEW, REQUESTED)

Please do not give this permission to anyone but staff, it allows users in creative to drop items during the game.

Major Practice Changes

Moved all practice related config items to a new file (practice.yml) (NEW, REQUESTED)

Added an option to allow player block placement and remove the blocks after a time (NEW, REQUESTED)

Fixed a mis-spelling of DAMAGE in the practice config list. (FIX)

Want your practice to be BuildUHC?

Check this wiki page: https://wiki.bghddevelopment.com/books/fateuhc/page/make-practice-builduhc/

Moved the tweets from uhcconfiguration.yml to the tweetconfig.yml

Flower Power will no longer drop more than 1 of these items (REQUESTED, NEW)

-stone sword
-gold sword
-wood sword
-iron sword
-diamond sword
-stone axe
-gold axe
-wood axe
-iron axe
-diamond axe
-stone shovel
-gold shovel
-wood shovel
-iron shovel
-diamond shovel
-stone hoe
-gold hoe
-wood hoe
-iron hoe
-diamond hoe
-fishing rod ( theres only 1 so )
-diamond ore and block
-gold ore and block
-iron ore and block
-lapiz ore and block
-coal ore and block
-water and lava and milk buckets
-any type of apple
-enchanting tables
-any potion (if enabled)
-xp bottles
- LEATHER helmet, chestplate, leggings, boots
- GOLD helmet, chestplate, leggings, boots
- IRON helmet, chestplate, leggings, boots
- DIAMOND helmet, chestplate, leggings, boots
- CHAINMAIL helmet, chestplate, leggings, boots

Potions, blocks, ores, apples option can be changed in the uhcconfiguration.yml

Made the winner and starting discord announce separate webhooks (NEW, REQUESTED)

Made it so HologramAPI will load before FateUHC, this hopefully should prevent errors (FIX)

Mob Stacker is default off in new installs (NEW)

The language.yml should have "" for all messages if you do not please delete and let it regen. (INFO)

Fixed nether border TP (FIX)

Teams will now TP together if enabled in the config (NEW, REQUESTED)

StaffAlerts GUI can now be configured in guiitems.yml (NEW, REQUESTED)

{tps} and {memory} can be used on scoreboards. (NEW, REQUESTED)

Fixed issue with points command returning an error if no args were entered. (FIX)

Hooked into AquaCore so you can not speak in spec chat when muted. (NEW, REQUESTED)

Hooked into AdvancedBan so you can not speak in spec chat when muted. (NEW, REQUESTED)

ServerID now displayed in console on startup (NEW)

Added /assign <player> <add/remove> <partyhostname> (NEW, REQUESTED)

Fixed color issues with Party messages from language.yml (FIXES)

Requires you to reset the file or you can modify the colors yourself

Added /party GUI </partygui> (NEW, ALPHA)


Added /serverid (NEW)

Added /gameid (NEW)

List cords and party-list will not work unless teams are enabled. (FIX)

Each game will now have a unique ID (NEW)

Each server will now have a unique ID (NEW)

Recoded a bunch of older commands and dev commands (NEW)

To cancel autostart you can now do /autostart cancel rather then off (NEW, REQUESTED)

Metrics have been fixed (FIX)

Fixed some startup messages (FIX)

Fixed Iron and Gold ore XP drops when not in CC (FIX)

Added option to disable kill count GUI/Command (FIX)

Added /builduhckit <set/default> to allow for the setting of the BuildUHC scenario kit (NEW, REQUESTED)

Remade a bunch of the startup messages to fit better (FIX)

MongoDB connection info will no longer spam (NEW, REQUESTED)

Fixed points command translation error (FIX)

Added option to disable burning items (NEW, REQUESTED)

Redesigned /config admin (NEW, REQUESTED)


/discordannounce gui now opens a GUI (NEW, REQUESTED)

You may still use /discordannounce to use without a GUI.


Major Hologram Changes

We have added EVERY SINGLE leaderboard as a hologram! You must have HologramAPI on the server and have a spigot which supports it. If you have issues 99% of the time it's the spigot jar not supporting the API. Contact the spigot maker.

Hologram List:




Fixed resetting a player's data not clearing their mining leaderboards (FIX)

Fixed freezeall not unfreezing all (FIX)



All permissions and commands can be found here: https://wiki.bghddevelopment.com/books/fateuhc/page/commands-permissions

Config Changes

language.yml (Auto Generated)

cosmetics.yml (Auto Generated)

practice.yml (Auto Generated)

discord.yml (reset the file and let it regen)

leaderboards.yml (reset the file and let it regen)
You will need to re-place holograms

guiitems.yml (reset the file and let it regen)

uhcconfiguration.yml (add this)

  ENABLED: false
  ENABLED: false
  ENABLED: false
  ENABLED: false
  ARMOR: [email protected];[email protected];[email protected];[email protected];
  INVENTORY: [email protected]:[email protected]@1;[email protected];[email protected];[email protected]:[email protected];[email protected];[email protected]:[email protected] Head;[email protected]:[email protected];[email protected];[email protected];null;null;null;null;null;null;null;null;[email protected]:[email protected];null;null;null;null;null;null;null;null;null;null;null;[email protected];null;[email protected]:[email protected];[email protected]:[email protected];null;null;null;
  ENABLED: false

tweetconfig.yml (add this)

    NAME: '&f&lWhitelist &7- &c&lOFF'
      - 'Whitelist for FateUHC is now OFF'
      - ' - Game Type: {gameType}'
      - ' - BedrockWalls: {borderSize}'
      - ' - Nether: {nether}'
      - ' - Scenarios: {scenarios}'
      - ''
      - 'Starting in: {autoStart}'
      - ''
      - 'Join our server at: server-ip.com'
    NAME: '&f&lWinner'
      - 'Congratulations to {winner} for wining FateUHC'
      - ' - Kills: {winner-kills}'
      - ''
      - 'Check out our server at: server-ip.com'

Default config files can be found here: https://wiki.bghddevelopment.com/books/fateuhc/chapter/default-config-files