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FateUHC has placeholders in its config files to allow you to change messages easily! Below is a list of those placeholders.


{gameType} - Returns the game type

{scenarios} - Returns list of active scenarios

{nether} - Returns if the nether is enabled/disabled

{borderSize} - Returns borderSize

{autoStart} - Returns current autostart time

{winner} - Returns the winner of the UHC

{winner-kills} - Returns the winner's kill amount


Scoreboard Unique Placeholders

{gameTime} - Returns game time

{teams} - Returns teams

{online} - Returns online players

{max} - Returns max players

{timeLeft} - Returns time left

{scattering} - Returns the amount of players still scattering

{scattered} - Returns amount of players that are scattered

{gameTime} - Returns the game time

{alivePlayers} - Returns the amount of alive players

{startCount} - Returns how many players are required for the UHC to start in autostart mode

{border} - Retuns border size

{borderInfo} - Returns border info

{kills} - Returns players kills

{teamKills} - Returns teams kills

{finalCountdown} - Returns the final countdown

{molesAlive} - Returns how many moles are alive

{pkills} - Returns players total kills

{arenaPlayers} - Returns number of players in practice

{wins} - Returns players total wins

{deaths} - Returns players total deaths

{played} - Returns players total games played

{host} - Returns current host

{date} - Returns the date

{freeMemory} - Returns servers memory state

{chunksTotal} - Returns the total chunks 

{chunksLoaded} - Returns the current chunks which are loaded

{completed} - Returns % of chunk generation