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General Knowledge

This book contains all the 'general knowledge' style documents that you might need.

How to join our Discord

There are many reasons why you might want to join our Discord server. If you want to get support for one of our plugins, if you want to make a suggestion and much more! So, if you don't know how to do it - then this guide will help you through each step to joining.

If you have already got Discord - then please skip to step 2


1) Head over to https://discordapp.com/ then you'll be able to see an "Open" button. If you click on this - then you will be prompted to enter a username. Enter anything you want as you can change this at any time. Please also make sure you link an email address to this account and set a password to prevent you from loosing access to it!

2) Once you've open Discord - go to this URL: https://bghddevelopment.com/discord

3) Once you've entered it. You should be taken to a screen asking you if you would like to accept the invite and join the BGHD server. Simply hit "Accept/Join" to enter the server.


And you're done!



Terms Of Service

Our official terms of service can be viewed at this URL: https://bghddevelopment.com/tos/

Please bare in mind that this document can be changed at any time.



Suggest New Features

To suggest new features please visit our feedback site!


BETA program

Sad news.

Unfortunately, we have decided to discontinue our BETA program, with our current schedule it did not seem very feasible to keep the program running, but do not worry, while the program may be unavailable at this particular time that does not mean it will be discontinued forever, we might very well bring the BETA program back in the future should our schedule permits it.