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Using LuckPerms 5 with LuckPermsGUI

LuckPermsGUI supports LuckPerms 5 but due to the API changes, you must do an extra few steps!

Go to your main /LuckPerms/ folder. (this is probably at /plugins/LuckPerms)
Create a folder within this directory called extensions.
Download https://ci.lucko.me/job/extension-l...act/build/libs/extension-legacy-api-1.0.0.jar and put it in the extensions folder.
Restart your server.

Then enter the LuckPermsGUI config.yml file and change UseLuckPerms5: false to true. 

LuckPermsGUI will now work with LuckPerms 5!


We are planning on moving support to the LuckPerms 5 new API, though we are waiting for more users to switch over before doing so.