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Commands & Permissions

/staffmode - Opens up the GUI
/staffmode help - Help page
/staffmode about - About page
/staffmode update - Checks for an update on SpigotMC
/staffmode reload - Reloads the config file

Command Permisions

Menu Permissions
staffmodegui.whitelistmenu - Use the whitelist menu
staffmodegui.timemenu - Use the time menu
staffmodegui.gamemodemenu - Use the gamemode menu
staffmodegui.weathermenu - Use the weather menu
staffmodegui.flymenu - Use the fly menu
staffmodegui.vanishmenu - Use the vanish menu
staffmodegui.mobmenu - Use the mob menu
staffmodegui.extramobmenu - Use the extra mob menu
staffmodegui.trollmenu - Use the troll menu
staffmodegui.toolsmenu - Use the tools menu
staffmodegui.servermanagermenu - Use the server manager menu
staffmodegui.feedandhealmenu - Use the feed and heal menu
staffmodegui.effectsmenu - Use the effects menu
staffmodegui.speedmenu - Use the speed menu
staffmodegui.strengthmenu - Use the strength menu
staffmodegui.jumpmenu - Use the jump boost menu
staffmodegui.difficultymenu - Use the difficulty menu