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Default Config File

configVersion: 1.2
# Permission Needed: staffmodegui.update
  Enabled: true
# Enables if there is a message on-join when the plugin is outdated.
  noPermission: "&cSorry you don't have permission!"
  reloadMessage: "&7Config reloaded."

  # Main Menu return title
  title: "&7Main Menu"
  # Server Manager return title
  title1: "&7Server Manager Menu"
  # Mob Menu return title
  title2: "&7Mob Menu"
  # Tools Menu return title
  title3: "&7Tools Menu"
  # Effects Menu return title
  title4: "&7Effects Menu"
  # Main Menu return lore
  lore: "&7Click to return to main menu."
  # Server Manager return lore
  lore1: "&7Click to return to server manager menu."
  # Mob Menu return lore
  lore2: "&7Click to return to mob menu."
  # Tools Menu return lore
  lore3: "&7Click to return to tools menu."
  # Effects Menu return lore
  lore4: "&7Click to return to effects menu."
  # Main Menu return message(All menus in the main gui)
  message: "&7Returned to Main Menu!"
  # Server Manager return message(Whitelist & Weather Menus)
  message1: "&7Returned to the Server Manager Menu!"
  # Mob Menu return message(Extra Mob Menu)
  message2: "&7Returned to the Mob Menu!"
  # Tools Menu return message(Fly, Vanish, FeedAndHeal Menus)
  message3: "&7Returned to the Tools Menu!"
  # Effects Menu return message
  message4: "&7Returned to the Effects Menu!"
# Whitelist Menu Messages
whitelistMenu: # Permission Needed: staffmodegui.whitelistmenu
  title: '&bWhitelist Control'
  lore: '&7Control the server whitelist'
  openGUI: '&7Opened The Whitelist Control panel.'
  # Whitelist Menu Items
  titleItemON: "&bWhitelist ON"
  loreItemON: "&7Click to toggle the whitelist ON"
  messageItemON: "&7You toggled the whitelist ON."
  titleItemOFF: "&bWhitelist OFF"
  loreItemOFF: "&7Click to toggle the whitelist OFF."
  messageItemOFF: "&7You toggled the whitelist OFF."
# Time Menu Messages
timeMenu: # Permission Needed: staffmodegui.timemenu
  title: '&8Time Control'
  lore: '&7Control the server time'
  openGUI: '&7Opened The Time Control panel!'
  # Time Menu Items
  time12AMTitle: "&b12AM"
  time12AMLore: "&7Click to change the server time to 12AM"
  messageTime12AM: "&7Changed the server time to 12AM"
  time1AMTitle: "&b1AM"
  time1AMLore: "&7Click to change the server time to 1AM"
  messageTime1AM: "&7Changed the server time to 1AM"
  time2AMTitle: "&b2AM"
  time2AMLore: "&7Click to change the server time to 2AM"
  messageTime2AM: "&7Changed the server time to 2AM"
  time3AMTitle: "&b3AM"
  time3AMLore: "&7Click to change the server time to 3AM"
  messageTime3AM: "&7Changed the server time to 3AM"
  time4AMTitle: "&b4AM"
  time4AMLore: "&7Click to change the server time to 4AM"
  messageTime4AM: "&7Changed the server time to 4AM"
  time5AMTitle: "&b5AM"
  time5AMLore: "&7Click to change the server time to 5AM"
  messageTime5AM: "&7Changed the server time to 5AM"
  time6AMTitle: "&b6AM"
  time6AMLore: "&7Click to change the server time to 6AM"
  messageTime6AM: "&7Changed the server time to 6AM"
  time7AMTitle: "&b7AM"
  time7AMLore: "&7Click to change the server time to 7AM"
  messageTime7AM: "&7Changed the server time to 7AM"
  time8AMTitle: "&b8AM"
  time8AMLore: "&7Click to change the server time to 8AM"
  messageTime8AM: "&7Changed the server time to 8AM"
  time9AMTitle: "&b9AM"
  time9AMLore: "&7Click to change the server time to 9AM"
  messageTime9AM: "&7Changed the server time to 9AM"
  time10AMTitle: "&b10AM"
  time10AMLore: "&7Click to change the server time to 10AM"
  messageTime10AM: "&7Changed the server time to 10AM"
  time11AMTitle: "&b11AM"
  time11AMLore: "&7Click to change the server time to 11AM"
  messageTime11AM: "&7Changed the server time to 11AM"
  time12PMTitle: "&b12PM"
  time12PMLore: "&7Click to change the server time to 12PM"
  messageTime12PM: "&7Changed the server time to 12PM"
  time1PMTitle: "&b1PM"
  time1PMLore: "&7Click to change the server time to 1PM"
  messageTime1PM: "&7Changed the server time to 1PM"
  time2PMTitle: "&b2PM"
  time2PMLore: "&7Click to change the server time to 2PM"
  messageTime2PM: "&7Changed the server time to 2PM"
  time3PMTitle: "&b3PM"
  time3PMLore: "&7Click to change the server time to 3PM"
  messageTime3PM: "&7Changed the server time to 3PM"
  time4PMTitle: "&b4PM"
  time4PMLore: "&7Click to change the server time to 4PM"
  messageTime4PM: "&7Changed the server time to 4PM"
  time5PMTitle: "&b5PM"
  time5PMLore: "&7Click to change the server time to 5PM"
  messageTime5PM: "&7Changed the server time to 5PM"
  time6PMTitle: "&b6PM"
  time6PMLore: "&7Click to change the server time to 6PM"
  messageTime6PM: "&7Changed the server time to 6PM"
  time7PMTitle: "&b7PM"
  time7PMLore: "&7Click to change the server time to 7PM"
  messageTime7PM: "&7Changed the server time to 7PM"
  time8PMTitle: "&b8PM"
  time8PMLore: "&7Click to change the server time to 8PM"
  messageTime8PM: "&7Changed the server time to 8PM"
  time9PMTitle: "&b9PM"
  time9PMLore: "&7Click to change the server time to 9PM"
  messageTime9PM: "&7Changed the server time to 9PM"
  time10PMTitle: "&b10PM"
  time10PMLore: "&7Click to change the server time to 10PM"
  messageTime10PM: "&7Changed the server time to 10PM"
  time11PMTitle: "&b11PM"
  time11PMLore: "&7Click to change the server time to 11PM"
  messageTime11PM: "&7Changed the server time to 11PM"
# Weather Menu Messages
weatherMenu: # Permission Needed: staffmodegui.weathermenu
  title: '&bWeather Control'
  lore: '&7Control the server weather'
  openGUI: '&7Opened The Weather Control panel!'
  # Weather Menu Items
  titleClear: "&bClear Weather"
  loreClear: "&7Click to toggle the weather to clear"
  weatherClearMessage: "&7Set weather to clear!"
  titleStorm: "&bStormy Weather"
  loreStorm: "&7Click to toggle the weather to storm"
  weatherStormMessage: "&7Set weather to storm!"
# Gamemode Menu Messages
gamemodeMenu: # Permission Needed: staffmodegui.gamemodemenu
  title: '&8Gamemode Control'
  lore: '&7Control your Gamemode'
  openGUI: '&7Opened The Gamemode Control panel!'
  # Gamemode Menu Items
  titleCreative: "&bCreative"
  loreItemCreative: "&7Click to toggle Gamemode Creative"
  messageItemCreative: "&7Gamemode changed to Creative!"
  titleSurvival: "&bSurvival"
  loreItemSurvival: "&7Click to toggle Gamemode Survival."
  messageItemSurvival: "&7Gamemode changed to Creative!"
  titleSpectator: "&bSpectator"
  loreItemSpectator: "&7Click to toggle Gamemode Spectator."
  messageItemSpectator: "&7Gamemode changed to Spectator!"
  titleAdventure: "&bAdventure"
  loreItemAdventure: "&7Click to toggle Gamemode Adventure."
  messageItemAdventure: "&7Gamemode changed to Adventure!"
# Fly Menu Messages
flyMenu: # Permission Needed: staffmodegui.flymenu
  title: '&bFlight Control'
  lore: '&7Control your Flight'
  openGUI: '&7Opened The Flight Control panel!'
  # Fly Menu Items
  titleItemON: "&aFly ON"
  loreItemON: "&7Toggle Fly ON"
  messageItemON: "&aFly ON!"
  titleItemOFF: "&cFly OFF"
  loreItemOFF: "&7Toggle Fly OFF"
  messageItemOFF: "&cFly OFF!"
# Vanish Menu Messages
vanishMenu: # Permission Needed: staffmodegui.vanishmenu
  title: '&bVanish Control'
  lore: '&7Control your Vanish'
  openGUI: '&7Opened The Vanish Control panel!'
  # Vanish Menu Items
  titleItemON: "&aVanish ON"
  loreItemON: "&7Toggle Vanish ON"
  messageItemON: "&aVanish ON!"
  titleItemOFF: "&cVanish OFF"
  loreItemOFF: "&7Toggle Vanish OFF"
  messageItemOFF: "&cVanish OFF!"
# Mob Menu Messages
mobMenu: # Permission Needed: staffmodegui.mobmenu
  title: '&8Mob Control'
  lore: '&7Control your Mob Population'
  openGUI: '&7Opened The Mob Control panel!'
  # Mob Menu Items
  titleItemCreeper: "&bCreeper"
  loreItemCreeper: "&7Click to spawn a Creeper"
  messageItemCreeper: "&7Spawned a Creeper!"
  titleItemSkeleton: "&bSkeleton"
  loreItemSkeleton: "&7Click to spawn a Skeleton."
  messageItemSkeleton: "&7Spawned a Skeleton!"
  titleItemSpider: "&bSpider"
  loreItemSpider: "&7Click to spawn a Spider."
  messageItemSpider: "&7Spawned a Spider!"
  titleItemZombie: "&bZombie"
  loreItemZombie: "&7Click to spawn a Zombie."
  messageItemZombie: "&7Spawned a Zombie!"
  titleItemSlime: "&bSlime"
  loreItemSlime: "&7Click to spawn a Slime."
  messageItemSlime: "&7Spawned a Slime!"
  titleItemGhast: "&bGhast"
  loreItemGhast: "&7Click to spawn a Ghast."
  messageItemGhast: "&7Spawned a Ghast!"
  titleItemZombiePig: "&bZombie-Pigman"
  loreItemZombiePig: "&7Click to spawn a Zombie Pigman."
  messageItemZombiePig: "&7Spawned a Zombie Pigman!"
  titleItemEnderman: "&bEnderman"
  loreItemEnderman: "&7Click to spawn a Enderman."
  messageItemEnderman: "&7Spawned a Enderman!"
  titleItemCaveSpider: "&bCave Spider"
  loreItemCaveSpider: "&7Click to spawn a Cave Spider."
  messageItemCaveSpider: "&7Spawned a Cave Spider!"
  titleItemSilverFish: "&bSilverFish"
  loreItemSilverFish: "&7Click to spawn a SilverFish."
  messageItemSilverFish: "&7Spawned a SilverFish!"
  titleItemBlaze: "&bBlaze"
  loreItemBlaze: "&7Click to spawn a Blaze."
  messageItemBlaze: "&7Spawned a Blaze!"
  titleItemMagmaCube: "&bMagma Cube"
  loreItemMagmaCube: "&7Click to spawn a Magma Cube."
  messageItemMagmaCube: "&7Spawned a Magma Cube!"
  titleItemBat: "&bBat"
  loreItemBat: "&7Click to spawn a Bat."
  messageItemBat: "&7Spawned a Bat!"
  titleItemWitch: "&bWitch"
  loreItemWitch: "&7Click to spawn a Witch."
  messageItemWitch: "&7Spawned a Witch!"
  titleItemPig: "&bPig"
  loreItemPig: "&7Click to spawn a Pig."
  messageItemPig: "&7Spawned a Pig!"
  titleItemSheep: "&bSheep"
  loreItemSheep: "&7Click to spawn a Sheep."
  messageItemSheep: "&7Spawned a Sheep!"
  titleItemCow: "&bCow"
  loreItemCow: "&7Click to spawn a Cow."
  messageItemCow: "&7Spawned a Cow!"
  titleItemChicken: "&bChicken"
  loreItemChicken: "&7Click to spawn a Chicken."
  messageItemChicken: "&7Spawned a Chicken!"
  titleItemSquid: "&bSquid"
  loreItemSquid: "&7Click to spawn a Squid."
  messageItemSquid: "&7Spawned a Squid!"
  titleItemWolf: "&bWolf"
  loreItemWolf: "&7Click to spawn a Wolf."
  messageItemWolf: "&7Spawned a Wolf!"
  titleItemMushroom: "&bMushroom"
  loreItemMushroom: "&7Click to spawn a Mushroom."
  messageItemMushroom: "&7Spawned a Mushroom!"
  titleItemOcelot: "&bOcelot"
  loreItemOcelot: "&7Click to spawn a Ocelot."
  messageItemOcelot: "&7Spawned a Ocelot!"
  titleItemHorse: "&bHorse"
  loreItemHorse: "&7Click to spawn a Horse."
  messageItemHorse: "&7Spawned a Horse!"
  titleItemVillager: "&bVillager"
  loreItemVillager: "&7Click to spawn a Villager."
  messageItemVillager: "&7Spawned a Villager!"
# Extra Mob Menu Messages
extraMobMenu: # Permission Needed: staffmodegui.extramobmenu
  title: '&bExtra Mob Control'
  lore: '&7Dangerous mobs'
  openGUI: '&7Opened The Extra Mob Control panel!'
  # Extra Mob Menu Items
  titleItemIron: "&bIron Golem"
  loreItemIron: "&7Click to spawn an Iron Golem."
  messageItemIron: "&7Spawned an Iron Golem!"
  titleItemSnow: "&bSnowman"
  loreItemSnow: "&7Click to spawn a Snowman."
  messageItemSnow: "&7Spawned a Snowman!"
  titleItemGiant: "&bGiant"
  loreItemGiant: "&7Click to spawn a Giant."
  messageItemGiant: "&7Spawned a Giant!"
  titleItemWither: "&bWither"
  loreItemWither: "&7Click to spawn a Wither."
  messageItemWither: "&7Spawned a Wither!"
  titleItemDragon: "&bEnder Dragon"
  loreItemDragon: "&7Click to spawn an Ender Dragon."
  messageItemDragon: "&7Spawned an Ender Dragon!"
# Troll Menu Messages
trollMenu: #Permission Needed: staffmodegui.trollmenu
  title: '&8Troll Menu'
  lore: '&7Troll your friends!'
  openGUI: '&7Opened The Troll Menu!'
  # Troll Menu Items
  titleItemLightningTroll: "&bLightning Troll"
  loreItemLightningTroll: "&7Strike all online players with Lightning!"
  messageItemLightningTroll: "&bLightning Troll!"
  titleItemSlownessTroll: "&bSlowness Troll"
  loreItemSlownessTroll: "&7Give all online players Slowness &c&lForever!"
  messageItemSlownessTroll: "&bSlowness Troll!"
  titleItemWeaknessTroll: "&bWeakness Troll"
  loreItemWeaknessTroll: "&7Give all online players Weakness &c&lForever!"
  messageItemWeaknessTroll: "&bWeakness Troll!"
  titleItemBlindnessTroll: "&bBlindness Troll"
  loreItemBlindnessTroll: "&7Give all online players Blindness &c&lForever!"
  messageItemBlindnessTroll: "&bBlindness Troll!"
  titleItemNauseaTroll: "&bNausea Troll"
  loreItemNauseaTroll: "&7Give all online players Nausea!"
  messageItemNauseaTroll: "&bJump Troll!"
  titleItemCowTroll: "&bCow Troll"
  loreItemCowTroll: "&7Spawns a Cow on all online players!"
  messageItemCowTroll: "&bSlowness Troll!"
  titleItemJumpTroll: "&bJump Troll"
  loreItemJumpTroll: "&7Give all online players Jump Boost &c&lForever!"
  messageItemJumpTroll: "&bJump Troll!"
# Tools Menu Messages
toolsMenu: #Permission Needed: staffmodegui.toolsmenu
  title: '&8Tools Menu'
  lore: '&7(Vanish, Toggle Fly, Inv Clear, Clear Chat, Feed, Heal)'
  openGUI: '&7Opened The Tools Menu!'
  # Tools Menu Items
  titleItemInvClear: "&bInv Clear"
  loreItemInvClear: "&7Clears you're inventory!"
  messageItemInvClear: "&bInventory cleared!"
  titleItemClearChat: "&bClear Chat"
  loreItemClearChat: "&7Clears the chat"
  messageItemClearChat: "&7Chat cleared"
# Server Manager Menu Messages
serverManagerMenu: #Permission Needed: staffmodegui.servermanagermenu
  title: '&8Server Manager Menu'
  lore: '&7(Whitelist, Weather, Clear Mobs, Difficulty)'
  openGUI: '&7Opened The Server Manager Menu!'
  # Server Manager Menu Items
  titleItemClearMobs: "&bClear Mobs"
  loreItemClearMobs: "&7Clears all mobs/monsters!"
  messageItemClearMobs: "&bCleared all mobs!"
# Feed And Heal Menu Messages
feedAndHealMenu: #Permission Needed: staffmodegui.feedandhealmenu
  title: '&bFeed And Heal Menu'
  lore: '&7(Feed, Heal)'
  openGUI: '&7Opened The Feed And Heal Menu!'
  # Feed And Heal Menu Items
  titleItemHeal: "&bHeal"
  loreItemHeal: "&7Heals you!"
  messageItemHeal: "&bYou're health has been set to max!"
  titleItemFeed: "&bFeed"
  loreItemFeed: "&7Feeds you're hunger!"
  messageItemFeed: "&bYou're hunger has been set to max!"
# Effects Menu Messages
effectsMenu: #Permission Needed: staffmodegui.effectsmenu
  title: '&8Effects Control'
  lore: '&7Potions'
  openGUI: '&7Opened The Effects Control panel!'
  # Effects Menu Items
  titleItemWaterBreathing: "&bWater Breathing"
  loreItemWaterBreathing: "&7Ability to breath under water!"
  messageItemWaterBreathing: "&bWater Breathing effect applied!"
  titleItemInvis: "&bInvisibility"
  loreItemInvis: "&7Ability to be invisible!"
  messageItemInvis: "&bInvisibility effect applied!"
  titleItemSlowness: "&bSlowness"
  loreItemSlowness: "&7Ability to walk slower!"
  messageItemSlowness: "&7Slowness effect applied!"
  titleItemRemoveEffects: "&bRemove Effects"
  loreItemRemoveEffects: "&7Remove all active potion effects!"
  messageItemRemoveEffects: "&7Potion effects removed!"
  titleItemNightVision: "&bNight Vision"
  loreItemNightVision: "&7Ability to see in the night!"
  messageItemNightVision: "&7Night Vision effect applied!"
# Speed Menu Messages
speedMenu: #Permission Needed: staffmodegui.speedmenu
  title: '&bSpeed Menu'
  lore: '&7Speed Effects'
  openGUI: '&7Opened The Speed Effects Menu!'
  # Speed Menu Items
  titleItemSpeed1: "&bSpeed 1"
  loreItemSpeed1: "&7Ability to run faster!"
  messageItemSpeed1: "&bSpeed 1 effect applied!"
  titleItemSpeed2: "&bSpeed 2"
  loreItemSpeed2: "&7Ability to run faster!"
  messageItemSpeed2: "&bSpeed 2 effect applied!"
  titleItemSpeed3: "&bSpeed 3"
  loreItemSpeed3: "&7Ability to run faster!"
  messageItemSpeed3: "&7Speed 3 effect applied!"
  titleItemSpeed4: "&bSpeed 4"
  loreItemSpeed4: "&7Ability to run faster!"
  messageItemSpeed4: "&7Speed 4 effect applied!"
  titleItemSpeed5: "&bSpeed 5"
  loreItemSpeed5: "&7Ability to run faster!"
  messageItemSpeed5: "&7Speed 5 effect applied!"
  titleItemSpeed6: "&bSpeed 6"
  loreItemSpeed6: "&7Ability to run faster!"
  messageItemSpeed6: "&7Speed 6 effect applied!"
  titleItemSpeed7: "&bSpeed 7"
  loreItemSpeed7: "&7Ability to run faster!"
  messageItemSpeed7: "&7Speed 7 effect applied!"
  titleItemSpeed8: "&bSpeed 8"
  loreItemSpeed8: "&7Ability to run faster!"
  messageItemSpeed8: "&7Speed 8 effect applied!"
# Strength Menu Messages
strengthMenu: #Permission Needed: staffmodegui.strengthmenu
  title: '&bStrength Menu'
  lore: '&7Strength Effects'
  openGUI: '&7Opened The Strength Effects Menu!'
  # Strength Menu Items
  titleItemStrength1: "&bStrength 1"
  loreItemStrength1: "&7Ability to deal more damage!"
  messageItemSpeed1: "&bStrength 1 effect applied!"
  titleItemStrength2: "&bStrength 2"
  loreItemStrength2: "&7Ability to deal more damage!"
  messageItemStrength2: "&bStrength 2 effect applied!"
  titleItemStrength3: "&bStrength 3"
  loreItemStrength3: "&7Ability to deal more damage!"
  messageItemStrength3: "&7Strength 3 effect applied!"
  titleItemStrength4: "&bStrength 4"
  loreItemStrength4: "&7Ability to deal more damage!"
  messageItemStrength4: "&7Strength 4 effect applied!"
  titleItemStrength5: "&bStrength 5"
  loreItemStrength5: "&7Ability to deal more damage!"
  messageItemStrength5: "&7Strength 5 effect applied!"
  titleItemStrength6: "&bStrength 6"
  loreItemStrength6: "&7Ability to deal more damage!"
  messageItemStrength6: "&7Strength 6 effect applied!"
  titleItemStrength7: "&bStrength 7"
  loreItemStrength7: "&7Ability to deal more damage!"
  messageItemStrength7: "&7Strength 7 effect applied!"
  titleItemStrength8: "&bStrength 8"
  loreItemStrength8: "&7Ability to deal more damage!"
  messageItemStrength8: "&7Strength 8 effect applied!"
# Jump Menu Messages
jumpMenu: #Permission Needed: staffmodegui.jumpmenu
  title: '&bJump Menu'
  lore: '&7Jump Effects'
  openGUI: '&7Opened The Jump Effects Menu!'
  # Jump Menu Items
  titleItemJump1: "&bJump 1"
  loreItemJump1: "&7Ability to jump higher!"
  messageItemJump1: "&bJump 1 effect applied!"
  titleItemJump2: "&bJump 2"
  loreItemJump2: "&7Ability to jump higher!"
  messageItemJump2: "&bJump 2 effect applied!"
  titleItemJump3: "&bJump 3"
  loreItemJump3: "&7Ability to jump higher!"
  messageItemJump3: "&7Jump 3 effect applied!"
  titleItemJump4: "&bJump 4"
  loreItemJump4: "&7Ability to jump higher!"
  messageItemJump4: "&7Jump 4 effect applied!"
  titleItemJump5: "&bJump 5"
  loreItemJump5: "&7Ability to jump higher!"
  messageItemJump5: "&7Jump 5 effect applied!"
  titleItemJump6: "&bJump 6"
  loreItemJump6: "&7Ability to jump higher!"
  messageItemJump6: "&7Jump 6 effect applied!"
  titleItemJump7: "&bJump 7"
  loreItemJump7: "&7Ability to jump higher!"
  messageItemJump7: "&7Jump 7 effect applied!"
  titleItemJump8: "&bJump 8"
  loreItemJump8: "&7Ability to jump higher!"
  messageItemJump8: "&7Jump 8 effect applied!"
# Difficulty Menu
difficultyMenu: # Permission Needed: staffmodegui.difficultymenu
  title: '&bDifficulty Control'
  lore: '&7Control your Difficulty'
  openGUI: '&7Opened the Difficulty Control panel!'
  # Difficulty Menu Items
  titleItemDifficultyPeace: "&bPeaceful"
  loreItemDifficultyPeace: "&7Change difficulty to Peaceful"
  messageItemDifficultyPeace: "&7Difficulty changed to Peaceful!"
  titleItemDifficultyEasy: "&bEasy"
  loreItemDifficultyEasy: "&7Change difficulty to Easy"
  messageItemDifficultyEasy: "&7Difficulty changed to Easy!"
  titleItemDifficultyNormal: "&bNormal"
  loreItemDifficultyNormal: "&7Change difficulty to Normal"
  messageItemDifficultyNormal: "&7Difficulty changed to Normal!"
  titleItemDifficultyHard: "&bHard"
  loreItemDifficultyHard: "&7Change difficulty to Hard"
  messageItemDifficultyHard: "&7Difficulty changed to Hard!"