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Default Config Files

In case you have made a mistake when editing your config files, we have provided the default files here. 



  type: "flatfile" # can be flatfile, mongo, mysql or postgresql
    folder: "players"
    host: ""
    port: 27017
    database: "authme"
    collection: "players"
      enabled: false
      username: "admin"
      password: "123"
      database: "admin"
    host: ""
    port: 3306
    database: "authme"
    table: "players"
      username: "admin"
      password: "123"
    host: ""
    port: 5432
    database: "authme"
    table: "players"
      username: "admin"
      password: "123"
  login_waiting_sound: "CLICK"
  register_waiting_sound: "DIG_GRASS"
  move_check: true
  chat_check: true
  command_check: true
  place_check: true
  break_check: true
  interact_check: true
  interact_entity_check: true
  inventory_open_check: true
  inventory_click_check: true
  entity_damage_check: true
  entity_damage_by_entity_check: true
  use_player_held: true
  use_player_item_consume: true
  use_player_bed_enter: true
  use_sign_change: true
  use_player_shear_entity: true
  use_player_fish: true
  use_player_edit_book: true
  blindness_login_effect: true
  use_login_session: true
  use_premium_login: true
  login_send_msg_interval: 5 # in seconds
  login_time_expired: 30 # in seconds
  max_accounts_per_ip: 1
  login_kick_fail: 5
  authme_command_permission: "authme.admin"
    - ""
    - "&cAuthme Commands:"
    - "&c/authme viewdata <player> - View all data of player (uuid, name, password, is data premium etc)"
    - "&c/authme deletedata <player> - Delete all data of the player. (will be removed from database)"
    - "&c/authme changepassword <player> <newPassword> - Change password of the player."
    - "&c/authme forcelogin <player> - Forrce login the player."
    - ""
  authme_is_premium: "Yes"
  authme_is_not_premium: "No"
    - ""
    - "&bAuthme data of &3<player> &7(<uuid>)&b:"
    - "&bPassword: &3<password>"
    - "&bPremium: &3<premium>"
    - "&bIP: &3<ip>"
    - "&bLast IP: &3<lastIp>"
    - ""
  register_password_min_characters: 5
  register_password_max_characters: 25


NO_PERMISSION: '&cNo permission.'
AUTHME_CHANGE_PASSWORD_USAGE: '&cUsage: /authme changepassword <player> <newPassword>'
AUTHME_NO_DATA_FOUND: '&cNo data with that name found.'
AUTHME_PLAYER_IS_PREMIUM: '&cYou can''t change password of <player> because his account
  is premium.'
AUTHME_NO_PASSWORD_FOUND: '&c<player> hasn''t registered yet.'
AUTHME_SUCCESS_CHANGE_PASSWORD: '&bYou''ve changed password of &3<player> &bfrom &3<old>
  to &3<new>&b.'
AUTHME_SUCCESS_DELETE: '&bYou''ve deleted data of &3<player>&b.'
AUTHME_SUCCESS_DELETE_KICK: '&cYou''ll have to relog since your data got deleted.'
AUTHME_FORCE_LOGIN_DOESNT_NEED: '&c<player> doesn''t need to login.'
AUTHME_FORCE_LOGIN_SUCCESS: '&bYou''ve force logined &3<player>&b.'
CHANGE_PASSWORD_USAGE: '&cUsage: /changepassword <oldpw> <newpw>'
CHANGE_CANNOT_CHANGE_PASSWORD: '&cYou don''t need to change your password since your
  account is premium.'
CHANGE_NOT_REGISTERED: '&cYou aren''t registered.'
CHANGE_NEED_TO_LOGIN: '&cYou need to login first.'
CHANGE_PASSWORD_NEWPW_CANNOT_BE_SAME: '&cYour new password must be same as the new
CHANGE_PASSWORD_INVALID: '&cInvalid old password.'
CHANGE_PASSWORD_SUCCESS: '&bYou''ve changed your password from &3<old> to &3<new>&b.'
LOGIN_USAGE: '&cUsage: /login <password>'
LOGIN_CANNOT_LOGIN: '&cYou don''t need to login since your account is premium.'
LOGIN_NOT_REGISTERED: '&cYou aren''t registered.'
LOGIN_DONT_NEED_TO_LOGIN: '&cYou''re already logged in.'
LOGIN_INVALID_PASSWORD_KICK: '&cYou''ve entered many wrong passwords.'
LOGIN_INVALID_PASSWORD: '&cWrong password.'
LOGIN_LOGGED_IN: '&bYou''ve logged in.'
LOGIN_MESSAGE: '&bPlease use &3/login <password> &bto login.'
REGISTER_USAGE: '&cUsage: /register <password> <password>'
REGISTER_CANNOT_LOGIN: '&cYou don''t need to register since your account is premium.'
REGISTER_ALREADY_REGISTERED: '&cYou are registered.'
REGISTER_DONT_NEED_TO_REGISTER: '&cYou''re already logged in.'
REGISTER_PASSWORD_MUST_BE_SAME: '&cPlease make sure that both of your passwords are
REGISTER_PASSWORD_MIN_MAX: '&cYour password must be between <min> and <max> characters!'
REGISTER_SUCCESS: '&bYou''ve registered.'
REGISTER_MESSAGE: '&bPlease use &3/register <password> <password> &bto register.'
CAPTCHA_USAGE: '&cUsage: /captcha <captcha>'
CAPTCHA_CANNOT_LOGIN: '&cYou don''t need to enter captcha since your account is premium.'
CAPTCHA_DONT_NEED_TO_ENTER_CAPTCHA: '&cYou don''t need to enter the captcha.'
CAPTCHA_SUCCESS: '&bYou''ve entered the captcha successfully.'
CAPTCHA_MESSAGE: '&bPlease use &3/captcha <captcha> &bto finish your registration.'
INVALID_CAPTCHA: '&cWrong captcha.'
PREMIUM_LOGIN_MESSAGE: '&bYou''ve logged in via premium.'
SESSION_LOGIN: '&bSince your ip is same as last time you don''t need to login.'
LOGIN_TIME_EXPIRED: '&cYour time has expired!'
MAX_ACCOUNT_LIMIT_BROKEN: '&cYou''ve broken maximum account limit.'


servers: # on this servers premium info will be sent to spigot
  - "hub1"
  - "hub2"
  - "hub3"
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